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address, then missed a few, and a few city emails received ad campaign email inadvertently. >> he says that it is a common mistake in oakland political circles and in fact cbs 5 has obtained a dozen e-mail sent to see the e-mail addresses from other campaigns. but still we have learned that a complaint has been filed against barbara parker accusing her of sending campaign emails soliciting donations, to city employees on their work e-mail addresses. the ethics commission complaint appears to be signed but the signature line was later scratched out. appearing in the margin of the document is a hand written note that reads " representing department heads who said the complaints ". >> if it isn't massive, i'm going to guess that it is pretty broad. >> she is her opponent in the november election. >> i have had one or to wrong emails, and what we do when we find that is immediately send an apology, we rescind them, and it is done.
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>> she says the city attorney has ordered her campaign to take all city e-mail address off of their list, he believes the ethics complaint is politically motivated. >> it is campaign season in oakland. >> using a public infrastructure for private good is not fair. >> the associate professor of politics at st. mary's college says that while it may not be illegal to solicit donations from city employees when you are a city leader ... >> it is wrong. but i think that a lot of people in the political arena are going to say that what was really wrong was getting caught. >> we make calls to the state attorney general and a fair practices commission, the conclusion is that a law is murky. you're not supposed to use public resources to raise money for a campaign but a lot of these campaigns they by e-mail list and a trade them back-and- forth, they end up getting these government employees emails on them and they do not thoroughly brushed them off. you heard the city attorney's spokesperson said that it was a
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mistake and they actually advise all the campaigns in oakland not to send them to city employees but they have done it themselves. >> some industry and some business that can scrub those emails off of those list? >> silicon valley, are you listening? >> thankyou so much. >> in 2008, it was brought obama and a pacific heights mansion in san cisco and in 2012 it is mitt romney at the home of a private equity investor in boca raton, grace lee is here with how a bay area magazine has rocked the presidential campaign. >> what we have learned is that the grandson of former president jimmy carter was the middleman, he convince the unnamed source release that video to a magazine with an office in union square and because of this work, we are now seeing even more of the candid republican nominee an mitt romney. >> i am torn by two
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perspectives, one is that the palestinians have no interest in establishing peace, and that the pathway to peace is almost unthinkable to accomplish. >> republican nominee mitt romney goes on to say that the only thing to do is " kick the ball down field ". and hope for resolution. this video was posted by mother jones magazine, reportedly taken without the knowledge of mitt romney. >> it is shocking but part of the problem really is not necessarily the policy that is being presented, because we're really not clear on what his policy is. the bottom line is that mitt romney does not have a lot of experience in the international field. >> mother jones started a media frenzy by releasing the video of mitt romney talking about the 47 percent of americans who do not pay income tax. >> the 47
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>> mitt romney appeared on fox news this afternoon, unapologetic about his views. >> first of all, of course you're right, there are a number of retirees and members of the military and so forth were not paying taxes, and that is as it should be. but i do believe that we should have enough jobs and enough take-home pay such that people have the privilege of higher incomes that allow them to be paying taxes. i think that people would like to be paying taxes. >> he is caught between a rock and hard place. on the one hand one would think that he would want to apologize because he does not want to isolate potential voters but on the other hand he would also be criticized for not taking a stand. >> the obama campaign is wasting no time releasing this advertisement today. >> i felt sick to my stomach ... >> on a late show with david letterman, the president addressed the issue for an episode that airs tonight.
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>> when i won in 200847% of the american people voted for john mccain, they did not vote for me. and what i said on election night was that even though you did not vote for me, i hear your voice is, and i'm going to work as hard as i can to be your president. my expectation is that if you want to be president, you need to work for everyone and not just for some. >> for more on this we're joined by political analyst joe to mend. starting off, how much damage has been done and ken mitt romney recover from this? >> anything is possible, but the first part of your question is incalculable damage. the immense damage. this is a game changer, it is not something i used as a statement in politics very often. there's no question that by making this claim with this figure, that almost half of the population, he has basically distance himself from a very large part of the electorate.
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his assumption was that they are all obama supporters but there is a reality that there are lots of people on government assistance and not all of them see themselves as victims and probably most of them would say that they want to take responsibility for their own lives and many of those people are also republicans or independents because they are seniors on medicare and that is an entitlement. we are going to look into and voters saying " here's what he thinks about us when he thinks no one is paying attention ". in politics, here is the rule, you never say in private what you would not be able to say in public. he never said this before in public, he said it in private and he was only talking about today because i got caught, i think bit damage will cast doubt on whether he could win the election. >> you call this a game changer and response from mitt romney's to go on fox news, is that enough of a response from them? >> not at all, they were floating this idea of doubling down on the message and that
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means that they assert the correctness of the position but they did not tied to job creation which is his only argument, and let me remind that double down is a gambling mecca for and it is what you do when you think you have a winning hand but and las vegas people to double down double down and have nothing on their cards and tried to lost the opposition. gov. mitt romney cannot explain what he meant by this and at the end of the day he is still stuck with these words that you can see behind us on the screen suggesting that people are on entitlements and see themselves as victims and do not want to take responsibility for their lives, that is very insulting to people who are out of work and need help. he cannot around us, today he should have apologized and moved on. >> and he did not do that. >> in fact insisted he was correct and frankly all he's doing is reminding people that he is not just wrong but he is stubborn. >> thank you for joining us tonight. if you would like to see the entire video of the leaked private fund-raiser is on just click on " news and
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politics ". >> come november, california voters will decide on the fate of capital punishment. proposition 34 would turn all death sentences in two sentences of life without the possibility of parole. there are currently more than 720 inmates on death row. proposition 34 supporters say that ending capital punishment would save the state money. opponents say the death penalty is a necessary crime deterrent but today both side's square off at the state capitol. >> 400 murdered family victim's endorses proposition and i know this effort is not about bleeding heart liberals supporting criminals. it is about healing our communities with criminal justice policy that works. >> proposition 34 seeks to eliminate a tool that is being used judiciously and with the review and consent of juries that deliberate carefully and determined that a death sentence is the appropriate sanction. prosecutors do not take this
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charging decision lightly. and they do not play games with the judicial system. sadly, the proponents of proposition 34 do. they have burdened the system with a flood of appeals and other measures designed not to promote justice, but to promote an agenda. >> proposition 34 supporters have vastly out raise their opponents, but money may not be enough, public opinion polls have long shown strong support for the death penalty in california. >> california businesses will now pay less for workers' compensation well injured workers get more benefits. today governor jerry brown side the built that supporters say will make a workers compensation insurance system more efficient. his office says that change was needed because the cost of insurance has gone up from nearly $15 billion to $19 billion in just the past two years. >> we're getting workers back to work faster, we're getting the
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kind of medical care that they need that is appropriate. so this is people coming together to make california work better. >> some lawyers argue that the bill limits litigation which could mean fewer benefits for their clients. >> help wanted sign is out in wine country, the greeks are ready for harvest. ann noterangelo tells us that there is a serious shortage of workers. >> this has been a great year for the grape growers in sonoma county and now they need harvester's on standby ready at a moment's notice of that they can't pick the grapes at exactly the right time. >> there is someone on the side that is harvesting and on the side. >> it is difficult to find anyone for either side these days, this vineyard has only 18 of the 40 workers they count on to start picking this week. >> in the past few years it has really come down but we don't have as many people. >> a combination of the economy, recent harvest, have not been profitable for workers, and immigration issues that have
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kept the traditional mexican work force in mexico. this is a fourth generation or expanding. >> it is we're now, you shall you have people coming in all the time. >> this year the great crush has a and a meaning. >> their ripening at the same time. >> that means that the workers are needed now and can make up to $120 per day. in a typical year this family friend would not be considered experienced enough to harvest but this year is different. >> if i'm not running a tractor i will be helping out the crews, getting breaks in the bins, from them in buckets. >> news of a worker shortage has spread and fuel seasonal workers are available to worked the field. this report generated a slew of new lease including a request from a pastor in san jose for his congregation. >> by the afternoon my phone was ringing and we had several messages. >> the business is evolving in the old world will soon be
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forced to embrace the new world, with more machines, likely filling these rows. it is sad to lose the human touch but isaac believes it will never be completely eliminated. he calls this chromaticism at its best. >> some people still want " handpicked " on the back of the bottle. i don't see any reason never to use them. >> the plan is to harvest these graves on thursday and have contacted a local hiring a contractor in case they do not get the employees but their desire is that they can fill this with local people that really want the jobs. >> that is a narrow window. union and harvested when they're ready to go? >> sometimes they only know within 24 hours at the wineries want to break so they need to act quickly. >> they have a lot of nerve ... >> ever pay your bills online? the costly mistakes that could haunt you for months? >> i thought it was ammunition.
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>> then he uncovered a $7 million secret, why a bay area teacher stands to inherit a treasure. >> gorgeous sunshine but also deceptive sunshine because it has been much cooler than normal. a live look at the golden gate, find,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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>> it is the stuff that dreams and movies are made of, a long- lost relative leaves you a fortune. but that is the reality for a bay area woman that just landed on a gold mine. a list harrington explains that it was hidden in the home of a reclusive latino man who took a $7 million secret to his grave. or so he thought. >> he died with just $200 in the
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bank, but this man was worth millions. irreal to getting ready to sell the run-of-the-mill house complete with shag carpeting, and covered $7 million worth of gold coins hidden throughout the nevada home, some minted in the 1840's. >> i have never seen that much gold in my life, or coins at all. >> he is the neighbor in carson city and was there when they made the discovery. >> we thought it was ammunition, we opened up and it was rolls of $20 gold pieces. >> also found inside stock options worth $165,000.2000 dollars in cash. now the million-dollar question, who gets the fortune? he did not make it will. >> the closest relative is a first cousin in california. >> i tried to find her and finally got through to her husband on the phone, he told me " no comment ". but it is all the talk in downtown san the cell. >> i wish i was hurt.
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>> i hope that she really uses it for good causes. >> she was found on a list of family members that attended a funeral, so why wasn't her 69 year-old cousin living a good life? neighbors called him quiet, and a recluse. he stocked up on guns and conspiracy theory books and lived with his mother until she died in 1992. >> to come out in the yard and waves once in a while but that was associable as it got. >> before she can get the money the irs will take its cut, how much depends on whether her cousin filed his tax returns correctly over all those years. one report says the irs will take a hundred thousand dollars. but still not a lot to complain about. >> they can use that million towards the budget, i'm good with that. elissa, thank you. >> checking bay area headlines, police in redwood city are looking for the spur, private security cameras caught him breaking into the home online street last month, he rings the front door bell and then enters the home through an unlocked
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back door. police say that he stole electronics and jewelry. >> and alameda county firefighter recovering after an early morning blaze in a san leandro restaurant. the fire was reported just after 2:00 a.m. at the tequila grill on east 14th street. the firefighter had cuts to his leg. investigators say that the fire may have started in a dumpster. >> a flight scheduled to leave san francisco sunday for australia was canceled. not once, twice. and both times due to mechanical problems. united airlines flight finally took off pick another plan was flown in from chicago, the carrier has compensated passengers. >> many of us pay bills on line, is fast and easy and convenient. but when one california woman hater d m v registration fees on line, she did not get her tags for months, even though the dmv dipped into our bank account to pay for it. consumer watch reporter julie wants is here on a costly mistake to avoid.
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>> paul billings has proved that she paid her registration renewal using her bangs on mind paying system. >> what's the problem? >> evidence of the check that the dmv cash, $155. but her dmv tags never arrived. so to avoid getting pulled over, she had to go down to the dmv office every few months to get temporary tags. she says that a dmv workers set her payment was credited to someone else so she would have to wait until they could get the money back. >> i said that did not make sense. >> than the dmv garniture bank account for $206 to cover the registration plus late fees. >> they have a lot of nerve. this is ... and i was really mad. i was really mad. >> what went wrong? >> it was a simple misty, if you will, of a transaction, the funds were applied to a different vehicle. >> the dmv spokesperson said
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that a technician did make a mistake but the problem started when paul paid her see through her banks bill pay and not the dmv website because she did not provide her license plate number, when the bank sent the check to the dmv, the technician did not know where it was supposed to go when somehow ended up in the wrong place. but it really need to take 10 months and three visits to the dmv to figure it out? >> it's any customer feels that they're getting the runaround or that their satisfaction is not being met, absolutely ask for a manager. we have trained managers at all field offices. >> the dmv has credited her bank account $206 and her tax have finally shown up. >> it is a big relief. >> she paid her renewal fees for this coming year and this time she did it in the field office in person to make sure that there was no mixup. >> columnar, peabody a lot of undercooling it off like that. >> it is me. i will show you the reason why, it is significant, it has been with us for two days.
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kind of chilly outside, relatively speaking, there are parts of the country that would plead and beg for this weather which is 79 in pleasanton and senate fell and sunnyvale in the mid-70s. union city and hayward only in the mid-60's. that is 10 degrees cooler than normal and this evening will be chilly as well as clouds come back quickly to the coast, a chilly breeze in the bay, upper 50s for you and did you notice that the sun is getting darker earlier? 7:10 p.m. is the sunset this evening in concord. a lot of low cloud cover sitting offshore, it will be fought before you near the bay and at the coast tomorrow morning. you will get some sunshine by the afternoon. the reason for this is a big low pressure area off of the oregon coastline enhancing the online flow. until that moves the forecast will not change. it is not going to change until friday, so we have tomorrow and thursday to stay five or 10 degrees cooler than normal, futurecast plays it out with plenty of cloud cover at the coast this evening and into the bay tomorrow morning when you
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get the kids ready for school, burning us off giving us cloudy skies by the afternoon. downtown san francisco only 63, livermore also eight degrees below normal. oakland has a high of 68 and legos 73. and mountain view, only 68 degrees. stay in chile but sunny for two more days, friday and saturday warm back up in the low to mid 80s. though seventies near the bay and then we cool back down, sunday-only 77 inland and only 66 in the bay. no rain fall but it roller- coaster ride when it comes to temperatures. >> pick a taste of hollywood and silicon valley. the comedy being found that google. >> ♪ >> a parody of " call me maybe " featuring the s,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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>> they don't exactly fit the mold but school does have some new insurance this week. a movie starring vince vaughn and a when wilson is being shot at the mountain view location, this photograph caught them on campus, right there in the middle of the picture. the movie, the internship, is about a 40 year-old salesman kept is laid off and then starts an internship at google. it is due in theaters next year. >> from the u.s. swimming team
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to the cookie monster, it seems like everyone has a parody of that song " call me maybe ". now you can at san francisco's city attorney's to the mix. >> you just scammed me and that is crazy, but here is the number, so page me maybe. >> this video was made to let people know that they might be entitled to money, october 1st is the deadline for consumers to file claims for repayment from money-market or loan marked as part of a statewide settlement. those that borrowed pay day advance loans between january and july of 2005 are to repayments up to $1,800. >> a sharp divide on how to deal with crime in san jose. what is happening tonight that shows how far city hall and the police union are when it comes to this issue? >> forced to pay a certain way, pick conversion coming to the
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golden gate bridge.,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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>> call it a cross fire in san
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jose. as we speak, to separate crime meetings are getting underway and len ramirez explains that the dueling meetings are just one more sign that police and politicians are not exactly on the same page. >> exactly right, what is happening tonight really shows the divide between city hall and the police union as they do hold these competing meetings about crime. the police department and the police union are holding one meeting on the east side of san jose and here at city hall another meeting. competing for the hearts and minds of the people of san jose. so disturbed and in many cases scared, by the rise in crime. it has been one of the most bloody times in san jose history, 33 m murders so far this year and some residents say it is slow police and set to be the most alarming. >> you cannot count on the
6:31 pm
police coming because they only take care of the rabid bat stuff. >> everyone agrees that something must be done but after a polarizing election, and budget cuts, crime has become the top political talking points. city hall and the police union taking very different and competing approaches. >> this is an opportunity for politicians to spend. >> he is talking about a special public study on crime with the city manager and mayor and city council. >> we have some increase this year over last year but the long-term trend is down, san jose remains of the safest big cities in the country. >> on the other side of town the police union will hold a crime meeting of their own. >> this is not a political meeting. it is a community crime prevention workshop. there has been a significant increase in crime in this general area. >> why they chose this day to compete? i cannot tell you but i think it is unfortunate. >> which came first? >> i don't know. >> both sides say they were
6:32 pm
first densecity hall blinds them for blowing it out of proportion by the union says they want to downplay this. >> there are real issues and we want to be sure that residents are aware of the ways to protect themselves. >> and that was len ramirez reporting. well, gas of the buses because it is back to school in chicago. teachers there have agreed to suspend their seven day strike while they consider a tentative contract deal. they walked out last week over issues like benefits and working conditions and evaluation procedures. it will head back to class tomorrow along with the city's 350,000 public school students. >> it looked like a done deal and now the search for a berkeley school superintendent is back to square one. the loan finalists withdrew his candidacy for the job today. the school board was set to approve his hiring this week. however critics accused him of
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supporting proposition 8, citing a memo he issued while the superintendent in san bernadino county. a closer look at the memo reveals that he was asking for guidance on the issue of proposition 8 and not necessarily stating an opinion. most big cities already have a gay pride celebration but berkeley may now be the first city to officially recognized by sexual pride day next week. a council made that proposal, saying he has received complaints from bisexuals about how the gay community shuns them for being fence sitters. if approved, it would be celebrated separately from algae bt events in june. >> the city of san francisco wrapping up a nearly decade-long infrastructure upgrade and if it is done right, you will never even noticed. crews broke ground today on the seismic retrofit of the sutro reservoir, the final project in an eight year effort to shore up the city's water system. workers will lay out 37,000 t of
6:34 pm
cement to ensure the 60 year-old facility will hold up in an emergency like an earthquake. the mayor says that hurricane katrina was a powerful reminder of why there is no time to waste. >> i learned a lot by having traveled down to new orleans a couple of times to see what they did not do to protect their infrastructure. we're doing it the right way in san fransisco, the responsible thing is to invest and make sure they're safe. >> that reservoir holds 15% of the city's drinking water. >> de golden gate bridge is closer to getting rid of toll takers, the new system will be turned on in september to try and iron out any glitches and at that point drivers can still pay tolls manually but in february it will convert to all electronic tolls. >> the collectors go way and there's no stopping, everyone will keep moving, and they will see an improvement in the evening commute and on the friday and saturday and sunday commute into san fransisco with
6:35 pm
the all electronic toll meters we will see an improvement in the congested level. >> there will be three options for drivers, they can use fast track to pay a reduced role or have their license plates photographed and then pay cash later or they can buy an advanced ticket for a onetime toll crossing. and the bay bridge is about to get much brighter. >> city officials have given the approval for the bay lights project, starting next month's 25,000 l e d lights will be installed on the bridge. >> the bay lights is a piece of public art that will live on the bay bridge for two years starting march of 2013. >> the cost of the project is $8 million. city officials say it will pay off and bring in $97 million of tourism money every year. the lights will stay up for two years and it will be fabulous. >> thousands of bay area employees being forced to choose, what health care workers will have to do is they do not
6:36 pm
want a flu shot this year. >> childhood obesity,,,,,,,,,,,
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we're not in london, are we? no. why? apparently my debit card is. what? i know. don't worry, we have cancelled your old card. great. thank you. in addition to us monitoring your accounts for unusual activity, you could also set up free account alerts. okay. [ female announcer ] at wells fargo we're working around the clock to help protect your money and financial information. here's your temporary card. welcome back. how was london?
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[ female announcer ] wells fargo. together we'll go far. >> when it comes 2 flu season one bay area counties not messing around, they have ordered all health-care workers to get a flu shot, or else. and you will know did not comply, don ford explains, it is not exactly the scarlet letter but it definitely stands out. >> the needles are coming out and health-care professionals are not fooling around. >> are you nervous about the shot? >> yes i am. >> the santa clara valley medical center is starting a program to vaccinate all staff that comes into contact with patients and this nurse says that they're starting early. >> we need to be sure that we are healthy so that we can keep patients as healthy as possible. >> according to the santa clara
6:39 pm
county health department, last year nearly a third of all health-care workers in the bay area failed to get flu shots. county health officer as issued an order. >> employees have to either get the flu vaccine, beginning november 1st, or else they need to wear a mask during the time when they're working in a patient care area. >> get the shot or where the mask, that is the order from the top doctor in the county but not everyone likes the idea. the california nurses association opposes the mandate calling it " demeaning and insulting to people's intelligence ". and they say the mask has not proven effective as a prevention method. hundreds of doses are being delivered from hospital, and no one wants to wear a mask all day. >> i have not heard anyone say that they're not going to get a flu shot this year. >> historical floozies and begins in three or four weeks and it takes two weeks for the flu vaccine to reach its full
6:40 pm
potential, which is why there's a big push on now to have everyone vaccinated. in san jose, don ford, cbs 5. >> the flu shot great for health employees varies greatly but to find out the rate for the hospital in your area go to cbs sf .com. >> new details about bpa, the chemical found in both canada and plastic packaged foods. research suggests a link to child and obesity. a study found kids of the highest level of the chemical in their bodies are twice as likely to be obese. previous research in animals found that bpa disrupts the metabolism and helps to make fat cells larger. most people have traces of this chemical in their bodies. >> they found that the level of bpa before the study was higher than the national average. which was shocking. >> the study did not prove that bpa causes obesity, this year it the fda said the chemical could no longer be used in baby
6:41 pm
bottles and sipping cups. >> soon you could see a space shuttle flying above us, when endeavor is scheduled to take its final flight over the bay area. >> here is paul deanno with your forecast, yes we aplenty blue skies but no, we're not are out there, find out why something all the ,,
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>> a basic jumper that took an illegal leap off of the forest hill bridge and it up landing in a placer county jail. the 26 year-old spent five hours stuck in a tree after making the jump last night. he was such an awkward position that rescuers had to call pg&e to get help. they were able to bring him down with a boom truck. he claims to be a veteran baseball jumper. i would call him a retired based jumper. but now he faces misdemeanor charges. >> the long-awaited side of the space shuttle endeavor in california is just days away. nasa released the schedule for their arrival on the west coast.
6:45 pm
david lopez has details and last-minute preparations for the shuttle's final landing. >> this was the scene along crenshaw boulevard as trees were cut down to make way for the endeavor. down the street, work crews for time warner were busy making adjustments. their cable wires are 25 ft. high in the air at 29 intersections. the vertical stabilizer for the endeavor is 58 ft. high. >> even in simple math that does not fly. >> it certainly does not, we need to raise up the cable fiber up to 64 ft.. >> they will put them underground, anything that is not higher than 28 ft. needs to be moved. all of that in preparation for the october parade. but before that, you don't want to miss this friday. a fly over the figures to be magnificent. according to nasa, on the back of a 747, the endeavor will fly
6:46 pm
over los angeles at 1,500 ft., anytime after 10:30 a.m.. it will fly over malibu and disney land, the griffith park observatory, the hollywood sign, city hall, and that land at lax. this has to be the box seats, front row, right behind home plate, when it comes to viewing the shuttle. take a look this view. lax, the 400 block of east imperial avenue, the city of else had done no will block off six blocks and make it pedestrian only so that people can watch history. >> this is the best spot to take pictures. >> it should be breathtaking, just ask the people of d.c., as discovery flew over the-last april. for new yorkers when enterprise was 1,500 ft. above the hudson. now it is the turn for los angeles. >> the bay area research center that had a big role in the
6:47 pm
shuttle program, getting ready to celebrate the final journey of the endeavor. endeavor will make a special pass over nasa ames in mountain view. it is appropriate because the facility played a big role in the shuttle program. researchers there develop a special heat shield tiles for the shuttle. astronauts also trained on shuttle simulators there. >> we played a good part of making the shuttle happen. that is the most important thing. we're not through yet. i think that most we humans will be on mars by the '30's. >> for places to see the shuttle head to >> we have clear skies. >> no pressure, last pass of the shuttle ever. i think sunshine will not be the problem. we will be front friday morning. that will be a good morning to do that. i remember in grade school when the shuttle first took off.
6:48 pm
looking outside right now, we have sunshine but we're cooler than normal, contrast this picture with what happened back east. they're dealing with a lot of severe weather and we take you to washington d.c., you should recognize that building, the wind is gusting up to 40 mi. per hour, washington d.c., new york city, baltimore, philadelphia, under a tornado watch earlier today and numerous reports of trees down and even a few tornadoes touching down in pennsylvania and upstate new york over the past couple of hours. temperatures in the bay area chilly for this time of the year. open 65 in downtown san francisco only 60. napa 61 and 70. 75 in livermore and 71 degrees. 17 out of the first 18 days of this month have been cooler than normal. we will keep that trend through this evening when the giants take on the rockies. breezy in chile and 59 degrees. a lot of cloud cover sitting offshore. the sun is very efficient in
6:49 pm
vernon of that cloud cover. you will get it again tomorrow morning but that sum is still strong and we will get afternoon sunshine and it will be cloudy once again as the cloud cover sitting offshore marches back end. the reason for all this, the cool weather, and temperatures in the '60s and '70s as opposed to the 80s, is a big area of low pressure off of the oregon coast line. that enhances the offshore flow. last week it was a four or five and now it is up to seven or eight because of this low. that low was moving and forecast is not changing, we must a chilly for a while. cloud cover all morning long along the day at the coast. if you're looking for more mild weather, that is friday, that mild weather will stick around saturday as well. highs tomorrow, san jose's 10 degrees below average. conference 6 degrees below average with 78 for the high, santa clara 74 and 0 p.e.t.a. 72 in palo alto sunshine but only 78 degrees. concord 78, pleasant hill 79,
6:50 pm
low seventies for sandra fell. sausalito only 66 degrees. the extended forecast now will stay in the '70s and and and 60s near the bay wednesday and thursday. warming up on friday and saturday as the onshore flow gets weaker and it will also be sunny, a look at sunday, the onshore,,
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>> get ready, the a's open up a nine game road trip out against teams that are a combined 56 games over 0.500. murderers' row began tonight in detroit. two runs over his past three starts, he never lost in the big leagues. but he did tonight. johnny peralta, giving the tigers a 1 run lead and then get ready for lift off, you cannot hang a curveball on miguel cabrera. that made it 3/1 and right now the a's are going down 8/2. the giants are cruising into the playoffs and could clinch the national league keitel as soon as friday. he has been injured since
6:54 pm
just to post-season games, wearing the orange and black, has multiple benefits. >> a lot of the pitching staff have driven me crazy over the past couple of years. but it is a good group and i decided to be here. obviously i grew up a giants fan, it was pretty special. that i had the opportunity to be here has been pretty neat. >> meanwhile, the nhl lockout hit in the national hockey league is on. owners want the players share of league revenues reduced from 57 percent down to 47% as our cameras found out today, the lockout is just that. as of saturday nhl players are not allowed inside of team facilities. so these players need to rent time at the ice center on their own time, players are not allowed to use the team's state-
6:55 pm
of-the-art facilities as they have to change in the public dressing rooms. the general consensus at this open state is ... >> i am very disappointed. >> we are obviously not getting paid, but for a guy at 36, is another year and you cannot afford to take time off. i cannot believe we are in this position again. >> it not only affects us but the fans and businesses, it is not good for each city. >> at some point, i think that they will realize that there's a lot to lose here. a lot of momentum in hockey right now and how does grown seems like the owners don't realize that. >> an alternative for hockey diehards, the new protein in san fransisco. the bulls, police of the ec h l kickoff their inaugural season at the newly renovated cow palace on october 12th. >> i think it will be surprised how could the players are and how fast a hockey is.
6:56 pm
>> the assistant head coach todd peterson seals the nhl players paint during this lockout. >> those guys want to play and they all got wives that spend too much money. and mortgages, i am sure. but at the end of the day they are hockey players. >> as for the lockout negotiation? >> it is a stubborn group, again, with the information they gave me, they told me a lot of things that we're trying to do, we're trying to find ways and it is just ... it is just one side from what i am hearing. >> it is supposed to start october 11th of that will not happen. aldon smith involved in a major car accident last friday, and he did not miss a beat on the field sunday against alliance. he was a passenger in a vehicle that ended up on its side with the driver swerving to avoid a deer in santa clara county. the driver was taken to the hospital with a broken back. smith suffered only a cut above his eye and then played every snap. alcohol was not involved in that
6:57 pm
accident. the arkansas razorbacks lost 52/0 against alabama on saturday. they fell to 1/2 on the season but head coach has a much better outlook than the journalist who covered him. >> picking up a little bit! ok? did your chin up. smile! smile!. ok? are you guys ok? it is not, i am not talking. let's get rolling, ok. rutgers coming to town this week. >> we think that we have it tough with jim harbaugh. ,,,,,,,,
6:58 pm
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